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Direct Mail and Email Blasts

After signing a contract for a reunion project, the Bespoke team will work with the university alumni office and the class reunion committee on an outreach program that dovetails with existing communication programs tied to reunion.

Our creative team will work with the alumni office to create a schedule for a series of mailings and email blasts. All creative will be handled by Bespoke Reunion with final approval from the Alumni Office. Outreach is the most important aspect of the Bespoke Reunion Process and we work closely with our partner schools to ensure the success of the project through an effective communication program.




Project Website

In addition to being a full-service print and design house, Bespoke Reunion Publishing offers web design and hosting services to compliment our publishing capabilities. An essential component of each reunion project is a website customized to match the aesthetics of the host university’s website, with links to that site at all points related to reunion planning and announcements.

The project website features an online form for gathering alumni data, i.e. photos and written answers to a questionnaire, for their personal page. The site has FTP capacity for the upload of photos and other image files. It will also serve as a project bulletin board featuring lists of planned attendees and those participating on the class anniversary yearbook.

The alumni section of the Reunion Yearbook Project Website features a user-friendly 3-step format for class members to create their personal page in the yearbook.




Brief History of the Institution

We will work with your institution’s historians and the archivists to put together a brief but compelling presentation of the school’s history. Alumni are often shocked about how little they really knew about their alma mater’s story, and intrigued by learning more. This section can be replicated in each subsequent edition of the class anniversary yearbook.




Flashback Section

This section invites the reader on a trip down memory lane featuring excerpts from interviews with at least six members of the reunion class woven into a storytelling format that reminisces about their era at your institution.




Online Yearbook Program

In 2012, Bucknell University became the first Bespoke Reunion partner-school to produce two reunion yearbooks in one year, after adding an Online Yearbook project for its 25th reunion class (1988) in addition to a hard-cover, comprehensive yearbook for its 50th reunion class.

• Features a Timeline of the class’s four years at college – additional articles (Flashback, School History) can be added to the package

• Create and Manage the Yearbook Layout – Easy to Update with New Material

• Printed hard-cover reunion yearbooks available for Print-On-Demand orders





The class reunion yearbooks produced by Bespoke Reunion Publishing have set a new standard for quality in both content and craftsmanship, just as Bespoke History has done within the genre of family and institutional history books.

Our format is both engaging and entertaining, enhancing the value and longevity of the book by offering expertly written and designed feature articles while delivering the requisite alumni pages with flair and creativity.